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9 Days and Counting!!!!!

Hi Ladies,
I hope that you are getting as excited as I am about Quilt Retreat. Are you making a stack of items to bring to work on or have you not had time to think about it yet?
As mentioned before bring anything that you are wanting to work on or finish! I will have an iron and ironing board, and cutting mat (bring your own cutter and ruler). If you have ones that you are near and dear with or might not want to wait to use the one provided you can bring yours. I will have extension cords and power strips to use also. Since this is the first time ever we will have to wing a couple of things to see what works the best.
Don't forget about the swap table. You can bring anything to the table that you are willing to trade with the others. This will be on your own terms. It should be fun to get something new for something old.
I will take care of the food for the weekend, and would like to know about any favorites that you have (i.e. soda, water, tea, any allegeries...).  Also 5 D ranches provides the bedding and towels for our use. I wonder if anyone will sew all day in their pajamas? It would be tempting...
Do you want to meet at Seams Like Home and caravan out or do you want me to send out a map?
For a final head count please shoot me an email back to let me know how things are going.
Can't wait for July 19th at 6:00 :)